Day Zero



Welcome! Here is a picture of the results of two hours I spent in the kitchen prepping for this week. I am starting an altered version of the 21 Day Fix program and the Whole 30 program.

21 Day Fix program is basically a super easy way to calorie count. You get these spiffy little colored containers and after doing a math matrix, it tells you how many of each to use. For example I want to eat around 1,500 calories a day. So I’m supposed to eat 5 green containers (veggies), 3 purple containers (fruit), 5 red containers (meats), 4 yellow containers (carbs), 1 blue (healthy fats), 1 orange (not so healthy fats), and 5 tsps of like peanut butter. It also comes with two dvds and 7 different exercise routines. I am forgoing the exercises and am going to be walking on my lunch breaks. I have been granted the beauty of an hour lunch and I plan on taking advantage of it!

The Whole 30 program a good friend told me about that she has done numerous times. It’s a bit more hardcore than just watching your portion sizes. No carbs, no refined sugar, and no dairy. Like, Whoa. At first I was like, no way in hell is that going to work for me! But then I got to thinking… I already don’t eat a lot of dairy or carbs. So I’m going to give it a try to jump start my wedding dress weight loss for the first week. Then go back to just the plain old 21 Day Fix.


Costco is your friend when you food prep! My fiancee is awesome and goes every Wednesday so I just worked with what food we had from the trip.

Breakfast (7am): I was on a huge cottage cheese fix for awhile but with clean eating that’s not going to work. Sometimes two hard boiled eggs will work with maybe a handful of berries. Sometimes I will have some egg whites with a little bit of salsa, because who really likes the taste of plain egg whites?

Morning Snack (9:30am to 9:45): For the whole first week I prepped a serving of blueberries and eight almonds. I’ve heard before that it’s better to eat fruit earlier in the day because it does something to your metabolism if you eat it later and turns into fat or something or other. This could not be true but I do enjoy my fruit in the morning, so why not? I’ve also learned that if you want to stay full and not feel starving, you always want to have some kind of protein when you eat snacks, hence the almonds! To sum it up, fruit and nuts is my go to morning snack.

Lunch #1 (noon): For this whole week I am having the same thing everyday for lunch. I sauteed cauliflower rice, zucchini, bell peppers, and garlic in olive oil. I don’t measure my olive oil ever. I need it to cook. It’s good for you. So I don’t measure it at all. This doesn’t mean I pour a ton in or anything though. So I cook all those veggies together and in a separate pan, I make my meat. This time I took ground turkey, garlic, and an Italian seasoning mix, and cooked it all together. I used two servings of veggies and one of meat for my individual lunches.

Exercise: I have an hour lunch so I am going to get at least 40 minute walks in every day (depending on the weather). There is a nice mostly flat spot on neighborhood along the main road of where I work so that is where I will walk. There has a been a few articles about how 10,000 steps a day is hogwash. From what I know, according to my VivoFit band, if I walk 10,000 steps a day, it burns about 2,000 calories. And if I’m trying to eat around 1,500 calories in a day, then I should have some weight loss. To loose weight, you need to burn more than you eat. So this is my goal; 10,000 steps a day or higher.

Lunch #2 (3pm): Two lunches? Isn’t that over eating? No way! It’s all healthy!! The way my work schedule works, this is what I have devised to do to make sure I stay hunger free. Because when you feel starving, that’s when you are most likely to over eat or to eat things you probably shouldn’t. My second lunch will be a simple salad. I have cut up cucumber, celery, cherry tomatoes, and bell pepper for my veggies (in one salad I use two servings) and for my protein in my salad is two hard boiled eggs chopped up. Before I put my eggs on top of my salad, I squirt some lemon juice all over the veggies. This is my “dressing”. I am a hardcore ranch girl so this  might get some getting used to. But hey, no calories gained by using lemon juice! I top it off with a little pepper shake on top. Ta-Da!

Snack (4:45pm): My goal is to not really eat dinner. When I get home, I’m tired and just want to sit around watching tv and maybe do some crocheting. But when you’re sitting, you’re not burning any energy. So if you eat a big dinner, It’s not going anywhere. Chances are, what you eat is going to stick with you. Sooooo… I’m trying to train my body, I guess you could say, to eat a good filling snack before I leave work. In my baggy is 4 pieces of low sodium turkey lunch meat and one serving of veggies (bell peppers and cherry tomatoes)

Dinner (6pm): If I am feeling hungry when I get home, I have a couple pieces of lunch meat, couple cuties, handful of berries, or two hard boiled eggs. I don’t starve!



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