Day Thirteen


It rained ALL day today. I spent the day a couch potato catching up on ALL the shows and crocheting spring themed animals and what not. Today was my lazy day. I kept myself in check though by not eating all day. Crocheting really helps to keep my hands busy and not think about eating due to boredom.
Breakfast was blueberries, two hard boiled eggs, and my green tea.
Lunch I sauteed some bell peppers and egg whites together with a little bit of salsa.
Snack was 12 almonds.

Dinner (pictured above) was chopped cauliflower, garlic, tomatoes, and lemon juice. In another pan I sauteed ground turkey, garlic, and chicken seasoning. I ate one serving of each. Pretty good. Maybe it will be a lunch or two for the week.

My fiancee went to Costco on Wednesday but we area already almost out of our usual ingredients I use for my food prepping. Sounds like we are going to go tomorrow morning before he has work! Mmmmmm. All the tasty low cost veggies will be mine!


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