Cize It Up Results!

Cize results did not compare to my 21 day fix results at all. I lost 8.8 lbs and only 2 inches. I was honestly a little disappointed in myself. The last week of the program I got some kind of attitude problem and wanted to quit. The last week took me about 2 weeks to finish. I would do one then slack off for 2 days. Then go back at it and slack off again. I finally finished though!. My results would have been better if I stuck with my nutrition. I slacked off a bunch and ate and indulged myself. Tasting the foods made me happy but the feelings after eating the foods and what the scale said the next day was not happy at all. I could have probably lost another 5 lbs if I had really stuck to the nutrition and exercise.

I will be starting Country Heat tomorrow with my coworker and will do much much better! Sometimes everyday is a challenge. I accept the challenge!





How Sad

I didn’t finish my updates for my 21 day fix round.

Since the past is the past, I will just give you a quick run down of how it went! After this round I kinda slacked off a bit. Life happens you know! I found an actual Beach Body coach! I completed 2 more rounds of 21 day fix with her and was down 30 lbs! It was hard getting through the last round. I was totally burned out with the repetition of the workouts. I was also getting a lot of praise and recognition for my hard work on my body.A few people even assumed I was a Beach Body coach. After a week of thinking and pondering, I contacted my coach and became a coach! It’s been a few months now!

I’m nearly done with Cize It Up. Super fun workout. Some of the moves are easy and fun and some are a bit more challenging. I’m down about 10 lbs and can’t wait to post my results!

I just want to thank all the people who have stood by me and supported me through this journey! Who knew loosing weight for a wedding dress would turn into inspiring others! If you’re ready to take a step to a healthier you through exercise and diet, join my team 🙂