How Sad

I didn’t finish my updates for my 21 day fix round.

Since the past is the past, I will just give you a quick run down of how it went! After this round I kinda slacked off a bit. Life happens you know! I found an actual Beach Body coach! I completed 2 more rounds of 21 day fix with her and was down 30 lbs! It was hard getting through the last round. I was totally burned out with the repetition of the workouts. I was also getting a lot of praise and recognition for my hard work on my body.A few people even assumed I was a Beach Body coach. After a week of thinking and pondering, I contacted my coach and became a coach! It’s been a few months now!

I’m nearly done with Cize It Up. Super fun workout. Some of the moves are easy and fun and some are a bit more challenging. I’m down about 10 lbs and can’t wait to post my results!

I just want to thank all the people who have stood by me and supported me through this journey! Who knew loosing weight for a wedding dress would turn into inspiring others! If you’re ready to take a step to a healthier you through exercise and diet, join my team 🙂


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