Cize It Up Results!

Cize results did not compare to my 21 day fix results at all. I lost 8.8 lbs and only 2 inches. I was honestly a little disappointed in myself. The last week of the program I got some kind of attitude problem and wanted to quit. The last week took me about 2 weeks to finish. I would do one then slack off for 2 days. Then go back at it and slack off again. I finally finished though!. My results would have been better if I stuck with my nutrition. I slacked off a bunch and ate and indulged myself. Tasting the foods made me happy but the feelings after eating the foods and what the scale said the next day was not happy at all. I could have probably lost another 5 lbs if I had really stuck to the nutrition and exercise.

I will be starting Country Heat tomorrow with my coworker and will do much much better! Sometimes everyday is a challenge. I accept the challenge!





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