Day 11



Here are my originally flavorless egg whites spiced up with some brushetta sauce. Decided on some raspberries this morning too along with my everyday morning green tea.

A bunch of Co-workers and I are doing a Color Fun Run in May. One of them bough us all these awesome motivating water bottles. No Pain, No Gain!


Day 10



Since November 2015 I have finally lost 20 pounds!!! It feels so great! I feel a little lighter. My underwear don’t roll down all day when I bend over and stand up. My tank tops do not roll up when I sit and move around. It’s the little things! I’m starting to really notice it in my waist. A co-worker told me she could see weight loss in my face. That gave me a little ego boost ūüôā Can’t wait to see where I’ll be 20 more pounds from now! Can’t wait to fit into jeans I haven’t warn in a good year or so.

Day 9


Today was an accomplishment! I walked farther than I have in the past week. I made it to the next street down. I was feeling awesome so I even jogged a little. Having cars slow down and people stare kind of ruined the fun of it. I was very proud of myself for making it to the next street. Power walking!!

Day Ocho




In a week I have dropped 7.2 pounds! This whole eating clean thing is getting me some nice results. During the past week my weight has steadily dropped¬†every day in some amount or another. It’s pretty sweet. I cannot lie! It’s also getting pretty easy! Temptations are few.

Day Seven




This week I mixed it up with my lunches and snacks.

Breakfast (7am): Good ol egg whites mixed with a lil salsa and my green tea.

Snack (9:45am): Monday/Wednesday/Friday I have a serving of pineapple and 12 almonds. On Tuesday’s and Thursday’s I have a serving of blue berries and a serving of crushed walnuts.

Lunch (12pm) Monday/Wednesday/Friday I sauteed bell pepper, zucchini, and onion together with a little bit of olive oil (two servings) and for the meat I sauteed ground turkey meat with a taco seasoning mix and a little bit of enchilada sauce I had left over in the fridge (one serving) For Tuesday/Thursday  I sauteed cauliflower rice and zucchini together with a ton a garlic and a little bit of olive oil (two servings). For protein I sauteed ground turkey meat with Italian Seasoning mix and garlic. (one serving)

Later Lunch (3pm): My favorite salad mixture hasn’t tired me yet! I have it everyday and it includes cucumber, bell pepper, and celery with lemon juice squeezed on top (two servings). Chopped on top is two hard boiled eggs and sprinkled with black pepper.

Snack (4:45pm): Same as last week four pieces of turkey lunch meat and one serving of bell pepper and cherry tomatoes combined.

Dinner: I eat more during the day and try not to eat at night. But if I am hungry I have a couple pieces of lunch meat or a handful of berries.


It may take a couple hours, but food prepping is the way to go! It really helps to cut down on over eating and eating things you don’t need to just because you don’t want to cook. If you try any of my food combos, please let me know what you think in the comments!

Day 6


Matt and I were adults and went to the movies at night to see Deadpool. We are usually matinee people because of the great prices but I had two free movie passes so we actually went at night. My favorite thing I always get is the Kettle Corn. BUUUUT instead.. I had.. blueberries, turkey lunch meat, and cherry tomatoes. All the smells of popcorn and tasty treats were hard. It feels weird to bring your own food places in your purse, but there are greater advantages when you do!